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The tears of transitioning…

Hello hello! So it’s been an interesting week or so. If you follow me on social media which of course you should (click the links above ) you know that there have been some trying times here lately. We have been working to transition Langston off of the bottle and to a sippy cup. My boy wanted NO parts of this. I bought 927 cups minimum… he hated all of them. He may be small but he’s pretty strong and has got quite an arm on him!!  There were cups being thrown in all directions. I learned to duck and dodge like your favorite boxer. We have tried often over the last couple weeks to get him to try a cup and he’s been very resistant. I must admit though, I was quick to give in. I made up in my mind however that I would use the weekend to simply stay-at-home and work on getting him off that darn bottle!  So…I got ready for combat. I had spoken with his occupational therapist who recommended that I use the cup with the spout most like that of a nipple for now.

Picture it…Saturday morning…my sweet prince awakened as his normal smiling self, ready to play and enjoy his Saturday with Mommy.  You see, Saturdays are special. I typically leave Saturday mornings open for snuggle time. After the hustle and bustle of the week, I really feel like it’s important that we get that time. After playing a bit he was ready for his morning milk. I apprehensively went to fill his new cup…I remembered the past outcomes so I was NERVOUS. I handed it to him like nothing was new.  He looked at it and shook his head. I pleaded with him to try it and he slapped it as far away as he could! He was NOT pleased. I kept trying and of course reached out to fellow Mommies on my Facebook and Instagram for support. “He’ll drink when he’s thirsty enough”, “He’ll be fine”. I kept thinking…they must not know Langston Miles lol. I kept trying then changed to a cup with a different spout…then another…and another… By this time he is in tears and so am I. My poor prince was crawling from room to room on a quest to find his beloved “ba-ba”. My heart was shattering. I could tell he was distraught. Nevertheless…I persisted *exasperated sigh*

He refused the cups all day and I was TERRIFIED he would become dehydrated. For a full 24 hours he refused the cup. The next morning when he awakened I noticed his diaper was not nearly as wet as usual and I. FREAKED. OUT. I made a decision at that point to give the bottle if he refused the cup again. I got up and fixed his cup, handed it to him and took cover! To my surprise he was drinking…I thought my heart would explode!

I cried quietly while he finished the 2 test ounces I’d given him and screamed for more. I quickly fixed him more milk in his new cup and proceeded to take pics and video of course He used the cup the rest of the day, then for several days following without issue and I was proclaiming victory…then this happened…

Yep…he bit a hole in the nipple…

I started to panic them I remembered I’d bought him a back-up cup exactly like the cup that had become his favorite so I ran and got it and we jumped in the truck to head to my parents’ Once we were there, I handed him and Favorite Cup Part Deux to my mom and headed off to work.

Later that morning I called to check on him only to find that he had refused his cup ALL MORNING. I freaked out of course but I couldn’t understand as it was literally the exact same cup. No…you’re not understanding…


Typical Langston Miles antics Eventually he took it again and we’ve been cruising along ever since…

Oh wait…let’s take a moment of silence for some of the cups that didn’t make it

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  • Reply Jenny

    RIP to all the failed sippy cups. Lol. Hey handsome! I’m dreading this new stage your in with my son. He so greedy with the bottles but slow to wanna chug down sippy cups. Just have to put on our badges of patience and as long as he is fed, changed, he will eventually get on board. Wish you luck on the transition. My thorn is getting off the stage 2 baby food and eating table food or foods with texture. He won’t use those 9 teeth to chew, keeps gagging. Best of luck mommy!

    August 17, 2017 at 9:23 am
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