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Miracles, MILEStones, and MORE…

Time flies when you’re raising a toddler…

Hi loves! I know, I know…It.Has.Been. FOREVER!!!! Life comes at you FAST. Since I last updated we as a family have definitely had our share of mountaintops and valleys but through it all God still reigns. My Dad had open heart surgery (he is doing well), my youngest nephew passed away (one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced- more on that another day maybe), I had to study for and take my medical boards (I PASSED) and so on and so on. It’s been a wild ride.

Enough about me though, let’s get to what you REALLY wanna hear about- LANGSTON MILES

Oh my goodness…where do I start?? My sweet prince has changed and grown SO MUCH since I last posted. He’s had another birthday since then (YAY!) We have entered the TERRIFIC TWO’S. He blows my mind everyday with his antics. I’m exhausted constantly it seems but I can’t think of a better reason. He is hilarious and loving. He gives the absolute best kisses, he runs everywhere he goes, he is NONSTOP from the time he awakens until he crashes lol, and he is the BUSIEST child on the planet- don’t debate me on this. More than anything though, he is the joy of my life!


For a quick recap:

We were chosen as a March of Dimes Ambassador Family

He had is first television appearance

He had a great Christmas and is the proud owner of his first shares of stock as a result (we’re trying to build generational wealth over here!)

He experienced his first real snow

He’s had surgery twice and thank God recovered wonderfully

He had his first doughnut- he was DEFINITELY a fan

He started attending playgroup and LOVES it

He got his first pair of hard bottoms


He went to work with Mommy

He climbs on EVERYTHING

Still loves hanging out with Daddy

And is FOREVER Mommy’s baby



I’ve been pretty busy too 🙂 I have written 2 books since we last chatted…The first was a collaboration with a group of AMAZING women (Empower Now for Women) which is available on Amazon

The 2nd is a peek into my heart, my struggles, my journey as a NICU mom. My 1st book signing is tomorrow and books are about to go on pre-sale soon! I pray my story can help someone else along their journey…each miracle, each milestone

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